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Louis Vuitton’s emblematic pattern is now 120 years old – or should that be young? Here are three bags that offer proof of its enduring appeal....

MYTHIC MONOGRAM - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS

To this figurative lucky charm, Georges added the initials of the founder – an L and a V intertwined, like a heartfelt pledge and an unbreakable bond between his and future generations. The Monogram pattern has travelled through time for more than a century – eternally youthful, unfailingly modern, and renowned all over the world. It has become a symbol of a certain excellence, the signature of a unique savoir-faire à la française, setting the seal on Louis Vuitton creations.


At Fashion Week, the Tressage Tote bag in Monogram Reverse canvas shows off the modernity of the House.

MYTHIC MONOGRAM - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS

The perfect foil for a timeless shape such as the Keepall Bandoulière in Monogram canvas.

Always ready for adventure, it dons bright colors for the new Tuileries collection.