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Designer Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton Enjoys Collaboration

The British designer, a graduate of Central St Martins College of Art and Design, took on the role of style director for the French fashion house's men’s ready-to-wear division back in 2011.

Known for his ability to combine sharp tailoring and non-traditional techniques as well as his luxury streetwear, Jones notes that while there is an element of his own style in each garment he designs, the "overriding thing is the brand itself".

"I feel like I'm doing an interpretation, through Louis Vuitton, of myself. And that's the thing that I enjoy," he told Interview magazine. "I like working with a team of people, collaborating to make something relevant to lots of people in different ways. And you have these really good things to work with, like the Monogram Canvas, where you can really play around and get people excited."

The designer regularly turns to social media and photo sharing websites such as Instagram for inspiration, and likes the fact he can gain near-instant feedback on his work as well as track emerging trends and see who's buying what.

"When I'm travelling or waiting for meetings and stuff, I click through it to see what my friends are up to, how their kids are, who's on holiday, and things like that," he explained. "I had mine on private for ages, and then Vuitton said, 'We'd like to use your Instagram as well.' So I mix it with my personal interests and work stuff."

Jones has worked with pretty much the same group of people for the last few years, including stylist Alister Mackie, and he is very loyal to his employees, training many of them himself.

And while he thinks his colleagues will see him as tough and quite serious, he asserts that his studio is a "really nice" environment to work in, with the team laughing a lot, especially in the lead-up to runway shows.

Jones, 41, claims not to have a muse, but Kanye West leads his list of top style influencers, and he has worked with the rapper on a regular basis since 2007.

"We've done some work together, and we're always talking and chatting," he smiled. "I've been in the studio with him, and he's been in my studio, and we've been just constant. He's someone that I do really believe in, someone who stuck to their guns and did what they believed in, which I admire. I love him dearly."